One-on-One Sessions

One-on-One Sessions

Some Common issues that are addressed:

Stress and anxiety
Heal inner conflict/ self-talk
Becoming Authentic
Develop positive lifestyle patterns
Focus/test anxiety
Develop a nurturing relationship toward oneself
Reduce migraine & headache frequency
Health/symptom management
Quit Smoking
Manage weight

What is the Experience Like?

Your session takes place in a calm, tranquil environment where you can rest in a comfortable chair. We discuss your needs, wants and goals. We decide together what processes, unique images and words will work best for you. Sometimes affirmations are incorporated.

Calming music is played to enhance the imagery work by subtly falling into the background of the therapeutic session while at the same time promoting momentum for it.

With guidance, the process begins with gentile, focused breathing as you close your eyes to prepare you for a relaxed state. For those with breathing difficulties, alternative methods are utilized. The first part of your session evokes calming, positive thoughts and images that assist in the relaxation process.

With guidance, these powerful healing images interact with the symptom image to reduce or eliminate its effects.

Most people feel a comfortable, deep relaxation within their body. With progressive muscle relaxation incorporated, research indicates that experiencing this process is equal to a 3 hour nap.

Further sessions develop and attune these skills for continued independent use. How many sessions are needed will vary with each individual, with as little as 2 sessions, to as many as 12, for maximum benefit.

A personal audio may be made for reinforcement and to enhance/ support your healing process and ongoing well-being.

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