Dealing with Stress…Build Resilience with Mind Body Interventions

Stress. One doesn’t have to search too far to find volumes of information about what stress is, how stressed our society has become, how it affects our bodies, our lives, and our occupations. As healthcare administrators, a “new normal” of chronic pressure, high performance demands, fast pace, and organizational change is widely acknowledged. [...]

Relaxation Therapy, Guided Imagery, and Hypnotherapy

Focused Relaxation: The purpose of Focused Relaxation is to help one re-connect with his/her inner self in order to alleviate stress and anxiety. How one perceives life and circumstances greatly affects stress levels, which in time can affect well-being. The cumulative effects of focused relaxation can counter the effects of stressful living, creating [...]

Resolving Conflict Through Mediation

What is Mediation? Mediation is a process that gives people involved in a conflict the opportunity to resolve their dispute.  The process is confidential, creative, cooperative and constructive. In Mediation, an impartial, trained professional helps people negotiate directly with each other. Mediation promotes communication. It provides the parties the opportunity to clear the [...]