Calm Resilient Kids

About Calm Resilient Kids

Calm Resilient Kids provide opportunities for children and teens to learn core skills intended to increase listening and coping skills, self-awareness and focus using techniques such as mindfulness, breath awareness, biofeedback, meditation, interoception, guided imagery and mindful communication. These services include those within the autism spectrum.

Current neuroscience research indicates that mindfulness instruction and practice may promote stress reduction, emotional regulation, focused attention and greater empathy or kindness, all  helpful for learning.

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is a meditative practice that begins with paying attention to breathing in order to focus on the here and now—not what might have been or what you’re worried could be. The ultimate goal is to give enough distance from disturbing thoughts and emotions to be able to observe them without immediately reacting to them.

By practicing mindfulness kids learn life skills that help them soothe and calm themselves, bring awareness to their inner and outer experience, and bring a reflective quality to their actions and relationships. Living in this way helps children connect to themselves and others.