Mindful Communication

To me, mindful communication means talking to another person mindfully, which is with awareness, and giving them the attention they deserve, not because you want to “capture your listeners’ attention,” but that you’re wanting to “connect” with whomever you’re speaking with from a place that is present, kind and respectful for no other reason than that’s how you want to treat them.

Learn to communicate in a way that promotes connection and understanding in relationship with yourself and others. Become aware of habitual patterns of thinking and how it affects your world. Learn to identify emotions and to express authentically from the heart; increase the ability to listen and empathize with yourself and others more fully. Express clearly and harmoniously with your own needs and values. Make conscious choices about thoughts, words and actions that create an authentic expression of you!

Our daily communication with others — family, friends, and even strangers can become more “artful” by how mindfully we choose our words and sentences. Based on teachings of nonviolent communication developed by Marshall Rosenberg.

One-on-One Sessions
Group sessions offered upon request for your group or organization.