Focused Relaxation:

The purpose of Focused Relaxation is to help one re-connect with his/her inner self in order to alleviate stress and anxiety. How one perceives life and circumstances greatly affects stress levels, which in time can affect well-being. The cumulative effects of focused relaxation can counter the effects of stressful living, creating a healthy equilibrium. Focused Relaxation places awareness in the now and involves inner skills such as muscle relaxation and deep breathing. People emerge from Focused Relaxation with clearer minds and sharper thoughts. Life Path is also explored.

Guided Imagery and Hypnotherapy can also be incorporated into Focused Relaxation.

Guided Imagery is a proven form of focused relaxation that helps create harmony within the body, mind and spirit. For example, if one focuses on a peaceful place, such as a beach, he/she can activate sensory memories so that the mind thinks it is really there. When one is relaxed and imagines hearing the sound of the ocean, seeing the colors, smelling the air, the same quality of experience within the body is elicited. Guided Imagery has been widely researched and proven to be very beneficial in helping bodies heal and to create goal-oriented outcomes. Guided Imagery is complementary to medical care and is a powerful way one can actively participate in healthcare. Daily use in the form of a tape or CD is recommended.

Hypnotherapy is a modern form of hypnosis that incorporates a variety of techniques such as Guided Imagery, Focused Relaxation and Self-Hypnosis. Hypnosis was approved by the American Medical Association in 1958. It is a very natural process and actually is a communication system between the conscious and sub-conscious mind. Consciously, one may want to change a pattern of behavior but if there is conflict or fear about the change, long-term success is less likely. Wanted suggestions (a form of affirmations) are given while in a relaxed state.  There is a lot of misinformation about hypnosis due to stage and TV shows. Most people experience success with a light to moderate state of relaxation. Current and past research has indicated that hypnotherapy can play a valuable role in a person’s well-being. Hypnosis is complimentary to medical treatments. Daily use of a personalized tape or CD is recommended.

  • Manage Stress
  • Improve sleep
  • Increase Immune System
  • Cope with Medical/Dental Procedures & Symptoms
  • Manage Pain
  • Release Fears/Phobias
  • Peak Performance
  • Manage Weight/Smoking
  • Enhance Self-Esteem